This website provides weather data collected in the hearth of Athens’ center from a non-professional weather station (Lacrosse technology WS2350).

The station is equipped with

rain sensor,

wind speed/direction sensor,

Barometer (not working)

temperature and humidity sensors and

a webcam pointing to the North (Parnitha mountain is at the bottom-center of the image).

The weather data is collected from the station’s base every 1 minute and is sent to a server through an RS232-USB connection. The server is an IBM thinkpad X20 running ubuntu server 12.04.5 LTS. The weather plots shown in this site are generated via the weewx package. The other weather information, images and videos are generated using imagemagick by a second server gathering weather information from other sources. Both servers run on 24/7 basis. The webcam image is updated every 1 minute and is based on an android smarthphone running the modilewebcam app.


Last updated 29/08/2014

Satellite Images


 Sat24 infrared

 Sat24 visible

Map showing the pointing direction of the webcam

Real time image from the athensmeteo webcam (refresh interval 1 min.)

real time webcam image